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July 08, 2006



I loved reading that story, especially how considerate you and your pals were of each other - and waking up to the mud on your faces would have been hysterical!

Thankyou for sharing. =D


Paris Parfait

Great hotel stories - not ones that we hear everyday, that's for sure!


This is an excellent story, thanks for sharing! I'm so glad to have never been rained on when I was inside!


Oh man--this was great! I loved reading about your unfortunate experience because it reminded me of my own travels in the Himalayas of Nepal. And the photo makes me miss it even more!

Excellent story telling. :)


What a great story! This one will have me smiling all day. Priceless!


How fun to get the opportunity to travel to places like this. I giggled at the musical beds. I wish I could have read more. Terrific stuff!


Really enjoyed your story. So funny! And great reading. I was fascinated by the whole list of possibilities that you wrote about at the start.


B - Great story! Sounds like you have had your share of hotel adventures!

So glad you're keeping up with Sunday Scribblings! It's so fun to read your entries. Hope all is well with you and your work.


great story and picture. Looks like the little one was in one of those moving beds.


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