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July 14, 2006



Wow, I never stopped to think about how much "baggage" we all carry around with us at some point. Perhaps I ought to visit a Physiotherapist at some point!! Your career sounds very rewarding.

Thanks for your lovely comment, also. =D Looking forward to next week's Scribble already!



All I want to do is come to your office for an appointment - I know I have LOTS of layers to peel back!!

Kim S.

love the analogies! Insightful musings.


I was really touched reading the desrciption of your work. It also occurred to me how there is a need to learn to shed a lot of our cultural baggage when working cross-culturally. I'm sure the more we have the harder it is to relate to or understand and appreciate other cultures.


Layers of an onion. Yes!


I love how you have learned to dump your baggage. That is an awesome feat! I also think it's wonderful how you pray for your clients :)



What great work you do!

I have been working on lightening my baggaeg-both emotional and physical. It is interesting to realize the two are connected.
Great post.

Jennifer Black

Wonderful post! I know what you mean about baggage--all the types. I, too, am trying to streamline--to let things and feelings go as needed. Simplify, simplify. There's a freedom in letting go; the trick is knowing when we've crossed the line into Kris Kristopherson's "nothing left to lose."

Thanks for the mental stimulation!



"Have you ever seen a luggage rack on a hearse?" ... great thought

I think it is so wonderful of you to pray for all your clients.. if only we all did, what a better world this would be..

thanks :)


Well written and insightful. How easily the "stuff" accumulates and weighs us down.
It hinders us from running the race set before us.
I need to make a personal inventory and clean house, but wonder if I have the guts to do it.
Backpacking is a good way to see what we can do without. Because we see we didn't need it all afterall.


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