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August 31, 2006



I love stories of coincidence and serendipity like that! And your life of adventure & good work is such an inspiration. I would love to come visit you some day and bring you a package of marshmallows to go with your s'mores! Also, I once had a free night at a nice Hong Kong hotel courtesy of an airline, and it was so much different from my usual accomodations!


Wow, I love it when those kind of "coincidences" happen, always makes me think that the universe isn't so random after all! And can I steal your fortune cookie, I'm looking for the TDH soul mate too!

Paris Parfait

I don't believe in coincidence -serendipity, yes! Lovely stories - thanks for sharing. Hope your wish expressed in your fortune cookie comes true. :)


Those are a lot of coincidences but theyre really cool :) How awesome that you've traveled so much and ...

good to know that bit of trivia that fortune cookies arent actually Chinese haha.



What amazing stories! I can't wait to read your back posts to hear more about your adventures. And good luck at that reunion!


That is crazy!!LOL!
It sure sounds like you are realling 'living' life. I think that is wonderful.



What a great post! Your dinner story was quite a synchronicity. I enjoyed reading about the history of the fortune cookie. I'm in awe about your culinary (and other) adventures. I don't know that it would ever occur to me to try to make marshmallows if there weren't any - so even if they didn't turn out the way you liked, you should pat yourself on the back for having tried.


Ah. I love your attitude. - If I can't find it, I'll make it! What industry! And you've confirmed my suspicion that Fortune Cookies must be an American thing, as we don't get them here.

Kim G.

Bonnie - What a wonderful post! I love reading about how your overseas work began.

After this post and the nice comment you left on my blog about our smores at the beach, I'll never take marshmallows for granted again! :)


What an adventurer you are! Thanks for sharing the story of how it all started.

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