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October 01, 2006



What a wonderful post, in so many ways! You really made me marvel at the amazingness of skin in a whole new way: "We can feel tender caresses, bear heavy burdens, feel the light touch of a feather, tell whether or not a child has a fever, distinguish between different grades of sandpaper, and feel the softness of a baby’s behind" That's wonderful stuff! And the dollar value of a human skin? How weird! And your last comment about touch, and that terrible teacher knocking your hands apart. Our culture IS so touch-phobic. Even moving to Italy at age 9, the touch-phobia was already instilled in me enough to think it really really weird that girls walked arm in arm, and so did boys who were friends. As an American child, had I been taught to think that was somehow dirty? Great post!


"Our bodies are truly fearfully and wonderfully made."

You gave us so much cause for wonder today. Thank you for the opportunities to learn and to ponder.

Rose of Sharon

I really enjoy reading your blog. I was drawn to it initially primarily because you are a physical therapist living in China, but as I read more of your blog, I find that you offer so many interesting insights, information and cultural tidbits. As a physical therapist myself, I am always encouraged by my peers and you are definitely an inspiration to me as a fellow PT, blogger and human being in general. I hope to someday be able to be of as much impact and influence on my patients as you seem to have been. Thanks for another great post.


I guess I never really stopped to contemplate my skin all that much before, I certainly don't appreciate it all that much, mainly it just causes me discomfort as I have eczema. So thank you for posting all these great liitle tidbits, I tend to be kind of cerebral and usually interpret the phrase fearfully made as being about the human mind and our unique talents and personalities. Thanks for reminding me the we are physical creations too! The bit about all that dead skin is kind of gross though!


Wow, what an informative and well-written post!

I've always thought it was sweet when I've seen older ladies walking arm in arm (certainly don't see that very often now). It's a shame that our American culture has become so touch-phobic.
Great post!


What a great post. Tammy encouraged me to stop by, telling me I'd enjoy your journal & she was right (she usually is!), I enjoy it very much.

What an uptight teacher that was, to tell you that girls musn't hold hands! I grew up in Minnesota, and although my parents were born in America, English was a second language for them. We were very Scandinavian, and I can remember my aunts dancing with each other and with other women friends, and we didn't think anything of it. I often walk arm in arm, or holding hands, with my oldest daughter when I visit her (she lives in Chicago), and she's 30! :)

Thanks again for the great post. I'm looking forward to reading more of your journal.



I love these kinds of tidbits and obscure facts. Thanks for educating me just a little more today.

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