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October 14, 2006



Oh wow. This is true?! If so, then it proves that truth is certainly stranger than fiction. What an amazing story. I have also experienced the "suspended in time and space" phenomena--when my car went into a spin on a six lane freeway. I had angels with me as well.


Yes, this is a true story! Thanks. I welcome any other 'angel' stories!!!

Rose of Sharon

WOW!!! Okay, first, you're MY hero because I want to be you! No seriously, I read your posts and I think, "I want to be her", or "I wish I was her". Everything in your life that you've done, I have wanted to do. It is nice to read and live vicariously through you. Now, I don't know that I want this near death experience, although I did have something not quite so dramatic happen to me. It was at Crater Lake park in Oregon and we were crossing an ice field across a cliff and well, no rescuers or anything, but my life flashed before my eyes because I thought I was going to plunge to my death. Anyway, I digress.

That is the most amazing story I've read. I guess there are angels among us.

Thank you for sharing that with us. And I SO want to climb Mt. Rainier one day too.

You are so cool! :)


Yes, I believe you - I've had my own "angel rescue" on the road. Though not nearly as dramatic as hanging at the end of a rope in a crevasse(!! I don't know if an angel rescue can be any more dramatic than that), it was none the less a very profound experience for me when those two men came up from behind and pushed my car to safety - then disappeared into the sea of cars again. Time seemed to slip sideways while I was trapped stopped in the middle of the California freeway traffic with squealing tires all around me, till they pushed me to the side and seemed to gradually speed up to become normal again afterwards.

Time is such a variable, isn't it? Thank you so much for sharing yours - and this wonderfully written story from your life.


That's a fascinating story. By the way, I don't wear a watch either, mine broke, and it's amazing how well you can get by without one.
Oh, and I like "we all freeze a moment in time every time we take a photo"


Wow! What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing it!


What a great story! The thought of climbing mountains scares the hell out of me, but I love a good harrowing story with a happy ending, especially with a little Twilight Zone thrown in! Have you seen the documentary Touching the Void, about a climbing accident in the Andes? It's AMAZING.


What an amazing experience! You relate it so well, that that sense of time stretching/shrinking is really something I felt in reading it. Very well done.


This is so amazing!! Even though I knew (obviously) that you'd survived and are fine, I was at the edge of my seat. And then to have such a mystery in the rescue. Wow! What an adventure.

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