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December 17, 2006



Oh, that sounds so cold!!! I'm actually wearing a knit cap, leg warmers, and a scarf inside right now. Not sure what the actual temp is, but I know it's warmer than your place -- can't imagine what more I'd wear if it were colder! Thailand sounds fabulous. Don't blame you for your anticipation. Have a great time thawing out!


Thanks, Laini. Sometimes I feel like Ralphie's younger brother, in The Christmas Story, when he is so bundled up he cries because he can't move! (Then he falls down and can't get up!) Silk long underwear is great, though. And we just get used to wearing a lot of clothes. The other day one of my friends was over, and said she was really hot in my apartment. I suggested that she take her jacket off. The locals just aren't used to taking clothes off during the winter.

Rose of Sharon

Brrrrrr, 59* in your apartment with the heat on? Can you get it any warmer in your apartment or would that be like wasting gas? We are having a global warming temps here in Louisiana. It's 75* outside right now and people are doing their christmas shopping in shorts and t-shirts. I can't complain really as it allows me to still train outside even in the "winter".

I don't evy you though, Bonnie, although Thailand sounds heavenly. Is that like winter break for you? Hey, at least if you don't pack enough clothes, you will still be warm!! Enjoy the sun!!

desert rat

Hah! -17C to +2C outside and 15C inside sounds like just another regular Ontario December to me. In January it often plunges down closer to -25C with the wind chill, although it's looking like we're going to have a pretty mild winter this year. Sending warm thoughts your way, nonetheless! (Polar fleece slippers and lots of throw blankets really help.)


I hope you get warm soon! Last week we had cold temps here and our kitchen was around 56 in the mornings. By running heaters all day and the oven while cooking we could bring it up to around 64 or 65. Can't imagine how cold you must be!


Thanks for all the WARM wishes -- and the correction of "minus 2 (-2)*" instead of +2*. It will get colder, but the good news is that we will be able to ice skate on the lake in the park on Christmas day!!! And my apartment temp high IS with the heat running 24/7.


I just checked our thermostat (which is the only part of our heating system that is currently working!) and it's 62 F. I thought I was cold till I read your post, and now I feel blessed - at least it gets up to the 50's or 60's outside here during the day! Bless you and your flannel-lined jeans (I think I want a pair of those).

Sending you lots of warm wishes this Christmas :) Hope you enjoy your sunny, warm vacation!!


I thought it was cold here in Bosnia, but reading this I realise I have nothing to complain about! It's being hovering a couple of degrees either side of freezing for most of this week, but at least it is warm and cosy inside!

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