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March 04, 2007



I have heard of religious cultural superstitions surrounding a womans cycle and I pray HUMAN can make a difference. I loved the raincoat story :) HUGS


It is so sad how many of these superstitions adversly effect women. Let's hope the times of women being killed as witches or considered impure when they're menstruating are over soon.


Though I've read of it before, I suppose my westernized mind wanted to believe that particular superstitious tradition had pretty much died out...I hope and pray for those women, that it soon will become a thing of the past Bless HUMAN and others who are working to make a decent life for them. Thank you for bringing their plight to our attention.

As for the holi day, I think I would wear white, so it would end up looking tie-dyed :) Sounds like a smart move, though, visiting the lake for the day!


It's easy to forget about the darker aspects of superstition when you don't live with it each day. We always think of the world as being modern and informed - it's a bit of a shock to realize that large portions of the world are still locked into old fears.


I being from India understand all of it. Most of those happens here too.

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