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March 18, 2007



Bonnie, you are an inspiration! I know I couldn't do half of what you do and touch people's lives in the way you do in your work in Nepal! As for paragliding that looks like soooooooooooooo much fun!


Well, that photo of your own sneakers flying through the air towards earth and water.......that's certainly bound to wake you up!

I am fighting my way through every word of "Captivating" since late this summer. My blocking and continued reluctance tells me that I must need to read it very much. Thanks for being a spiritual poke in the ribs.


You have shared all this and more. You are a huge inspiration to me! Look at you jumping off a! Please, stick to trekking ;) HUGS Thank you for your dedication to heal!!

Paris Parfait

Wow, you are brave! Bravo! And what an inspiring story about the man from Bangladesh. So much inspiration all around us - the trick is to follow through. Great post (I imagine you'll be staying on terra firma for a while?)


Oh wow, I cannot believe you jumped off a mountain. Actually, I can totally believe it. Your life has been so full of leaps of faith -- this seems natural to you! What an amazing, INSPIRING, unique and wonderful life you have. Yay, you!


Wow Bonnie, you are so adventurous. You look like you're having fun! Thank you so much for sending me your blog web address - I could get to it this time. :-) I'm glad you have been uplifted from what you are doing - it's an answer to my Prs.


Bonnie!!! That must've been one awesome experience! Likely more awesome, though, that you witnessed a man completely change :) So cool to read your updates! Take care.


Bonnie, I'm echoing everyone else, I think - but lady, YOU are the inspiration! Talk about being the change you want to see...what a leap of faith you made - and look at the difference you continue to make in the world. Wow - you rock! Totally.


Holy Smokes, you are one gutsy girl!


My Jr. High son, who is taking computer classes and has designed a website, gave this review of your website: "Wow that's a cool website." I say, "wow it's cool that you went para-sailing!"

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