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March 24, 2007



Very beautiful tribute to your grandma, sweetiepie. I could feel the love seep through your post for her. Beautiful memories of a wonderful person and a great kitchen.

Regina Clare Jane

What wonderful memories indeed! Thank you for sharing them! I, too have witnessed the proverbial "like a chicken with its head cut off,” and I hope to never see it again!
I love hearing these kitchen stories about grandmothers- I didn't grow up having any grandmothers so to read your post makes me feel at least like my grandmom would have been like sweetie-pie...


It's a nice story. It's too bad I have no such grandmother.



I would have enjoyed your "sweetiepie" and that kitchen. Wonderful memories! You were very blessed to have had so many years with her. HUGS


Wow! This is one of my favorite posts this week, for sure. I love everything about it. I love how the tone of it is so mellow and warm, like we are sitting around talking. I love how you called her 'Sweetiepie', and how it came to be. I love how you could sleep and sleep at her safe you must have felt there.

Wonderful! And my grandparents came from Norway, too. ;)



Lovely memories. So many of the kitchen tales this week seem to be about grandmas! I don't have such fond memories of my grandmother or her kitchen, but I enjoyed reading about your warmer, friendlier kitchen and grandmother! Not too sure about slaughtering chicken, or that rat in the pantry though!

Paris Parfait

Sweetiepie's kitchen sounds like a wonderful, warm haven!


What sweet memories - they remind me of some of my own childhood ones. Thanks for taking us along on your journey down memory lane.

ally bean

What lovely memories you have of your grandmother. I love the colored water in the bottles. I've never heard of that, but it would be so pretty. And I've never heard of putting sugar on tomatoes-- we always put salt on them. Great story.


What wonderful memories. Your grandmother's kitchen sounds cozy, a place to spend cold, dreary days wrapped in the aroma of good food.

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