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May 26, 2007



I'm glad you're feeling better, what a travesty to lose someone with such a big heart! Andrea seemed like a beautiful person, I wish I could have known her. My niece is in Tiawan right now (20 yrs old) with Operation Mobilization, she works with the children that come on the ship and gives the gospel through drama, a good way to get around the language barrier. We almost lost her a few times due to different sicknesses but the Lord has let her stay with us a little while longer. I will look forward to meeting Andrea in Heaven some day! We should all have the simple heart that she has modeled through her everyday life.
P.S. Thank you for adding me to your blog community!


Andrea cast positive ripples throughout her life, and each one touched many. She gave people vital tools and knowledge in order for them to gain enough confidence to go out in the world and radiate ripples of their own. She is an example to live by.

I have never understood why good people are removed from our lives. I do know that the empty hole left behind in our hearts is not as vacant as we think. Inside that hole is their shining paradigm. During our darkest hours we reflect upon that person’s example and gain strength from it. In times of joy we recollect a smile or laughter and find ourselves smiling despite the ache of the memory. And so the ripples persevere through us as we take the lessons learned and live them in tribute to beautiful people such as Andrea.

Thank you for sharing her story with us. You have inspired me to reach out to the friends who have made a difference in my life.

sister AE

What a lovely tribute. From what you say, the ripples she left will continue for a long, long time.

Regina Clare Jane

Oh, I am so sorry about your dear friend, Andrea- what a shock. It sounds like she was a wonderful person and shared her life with everyone she knew. I am glad she was able to help so many in her short life- how many of us can say that?
Blessings to you, friend...

Paris Parfait

I'm so terribly sorry to hear about the tragic loss of Andrea. But as your beautiful tribute indicates, she lives on in the lessons she taught, the lives she touched and the people she helped. Wishing you solace during this difficult time. And sending prayers your way. xo


Oh, Bonnie - I'm so sorry for your loss, and the loss to so many others - really, the world's loss of such a shining light.
What a beautiful tribute to your friend and colleague. Sending prayers and many virtual (((hugs))) your way. XOXO


Thank you all for your wonderful comments, prayers, and hugs. It was amazingly healing to write this post. I thank you all for your support at this time. I hope that Andrea's family is also surrounded by caring people who support and encourage them through this difficulty. Thank you again.


I'm so sorry to hear about this terrible loss. What a wonderful, gifted person Andrea was. My thoughts will be with you and her family.

Kim G.

So sorry for your loss, Bonnie. I've heard much about Andrea's life also through Melody F. and a lovely email she wrote about her life and work with children. What an inspired and servant hearted woman who has left a powerful legacy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and memories about her.

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