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October 18, 2007



Very interesting take on this prompt! We take for granted our cleanliness, and freedoms here in Canada! Soon to be imposed is no smoking within a certain radius of an outside doorway of any public building! Well done!

Peace Giggles!


Okay, so you have my vote!! Uh...are empresses voted in? I'm thinking maybe #11 should have something to do with folks getting to vote.


Sounds like you've got your hands full, Empress -- a few subjects on your hands and all! As for #1, I don't know about China, but one thing I vividly remember about Vietnam is the public urination. Any long wall in Vietnam is used as a urinal -- there could be, at any time, as many as three or four men standing side by side peeing on the wall! And pushing and shoving was horrible too. You go, Empress!


Thanks for the wonderful encouragement! And, Laini, I TOTALLY forgot about the public toileting, especially for men. I know that is why they have built so many walls -- for men to pee on! I have been away from China for over 2 months now. How could I have forgot?

Robin from Israel

I'd love to go to China someday... After years of reading adoption blogs I'd really like to see it for myself, especially the hutongs. It really pains me that they're pulling them down in the name of "progress".

Just Jen

Love it!
I learned something new about the hutongs. I like the fact that you ban cheating and put this responsibility on the man. It's always the woman people look at.
I agree with the religious freedom one. Did you ever hear wurmbrant and his glass analogy? He said when you step on a glass and it breaks into many pieces, then step on it again and again. That's Christianity in China. The Christians get stepped on and stepped on but everytime they are persecuted, more Christians are made. Now, that's a miracle!

Paris Parfait

It's so interesting to hear all these important issues from the perspective of someone on the ground. Thank you! As for the habit of pushing and shoving, when I lived in San Francisco, the Chinese immigrants (older ones) employed exactly the same tactics when getting on or off a bus. Their children were much better behaved. :)


interesting take...and i need the adoption laws to relax all over the world asap...


As you wish, your majesty! :)

Sadly, some of those, like pushing and shoving and spitting, could apply in some other, closer parts of the world, as well.


Yes, many of your points would be well implemented elsewhere as well. Go Empress!

gautami tripathy

As an Indian, I relate to this post more than any one can believe.

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