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May 15, 2008


Granny Smith

It is so sad. The whole world is sore in the face of such a disaster.


The numbers in this trajedy are staggering as my heart breaks for the families.



I like how you find moments to soar in the midst of so much pain - very true.


And to see so many little lives extinguished in a blink is the saddest thing to witness.
It's in times of such tragedy that we find little bits of hope and they survive and am so glad you found something in this to also kindle that.


It seems like there aren't words enough to express the scale and horror of this tragedy. I hope and pray that your teammates can have an impact in the places they go and can heal and restore hope to this devastated region.


I remembered the one child policy when I saw the faces of the hopeless parents. Truly my heart cries with you.


My heart does too ...


an unfathomable tragedy...too large for the mind to wrap itself around. thank you for this very empathic and universally-felt post.


Very timely. It is such a tragedy!


YES! Sore, sad and horrible!




Your juxtapositions gave me just enough reprise to go on. It's all so very sad...and I hadn't even thought about the "one child" policy.

Linda Jacobs

I like the way you used both words to show the anguish and joy. It truly is a sad situation.

Mary Beth

I think you expressed feelings we all have so beautifully. Lovely post!

Just Jen

I've been following this on the news and wondering...China is on my persecuted church prayer list and I can't help but wonder how this is affecting Christianity over there. My prayers are with them and you hit the sore point with the one child policy and all those truly is heart breaking :(
I'm glad to hear that some of your team is allowed into the heart of it and I will send my prayers for them as well

Daily Panic

I am sad about their loss. I think it is a loss that can be felt by all who saw the photos. Your teamates will forever be changed by this experience.

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